Hello, I'm Mauro M.
Computer Scientist, Tinkerer.

I'm a full-stack trained developer and amateur computer scientist. I have over five years of experience designing and implementing custom full-stack solutions in a multitude of fields leveraging a plethora of technologies.

Tools and Experience.

I have ample experience with multiple industry standard and emerging technologies including multi-year experience in 3/5 of the most wanted technologies according to the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey. This, coupled with a solid computer science base allows me to tackle most problems and develop custom and innovative solutions. I'm also extremely well versed in modern programming workflows (agile) and utilization of VCSs (like Git & Mercurial) following the necessary semantic commit naming, branch and pull request utilization for different maturity code levels.


Prior & Open-source Work.

I am a firm believer in a regulated open-source ecosystem and do my best to support, utilize and contribute to it. Most of my contributions are pushed to Github. My previous work covers full-stack web development (including experience in developing an oAuth2 client and provider, TOTP 2fa enabled PWA and more), Discord integrations, front-end development (eg. converting a Figma sketch to a fully functioning webpage).

Front-end Development:
Adam H. Portifolio
Full-stack Development:


I consider myself an amateur researcher in a series of pertinent, emerging and encompassing topics. I have previous work in low-level networking, high-level algorithms and a series of write-ups on security vulnerabilities. Further, I frequently blog about multiple philosphical areas, relavant, not only to computer science and science in general (aka. bioethics), but also more encompassing topics (social contract theory, meaning of life, etc.)

Model and implementation of user activity tracking utilizing the TLS Client Hello’s server_name extension
Preventing permission escalation in chat apps utilizing role ”permission weighting”
NEO LMS & MATRIX LMS quiz-type assignment vulnerabilities
NEO LMS & MATRIX LMS Cross-Site Scripting Attack Vectors