I'm Mauro M.

Developer, Designer and Maker of Things.

About Me


    Who am I?

    Exceptional question! Writing an egocentric "about me" segment is pretty straightforward so I'll endeavour to be notable. Understanding what a customer wants is a priority for me so when I establish a professional relationship I try to equate with them on a human level. A few of my hobbies include photography, listening to music, reading and any intellectual activities (I'll pass on opera or ballet). One of my major defects is being too critical, although I try to lessen it I guess it is so deeply entwined in my subconscious self that it sometimes gets the best of me.

    A few things about me
    Hobbies Coding, Basketball, Reading
    Languages English, Portuguese, Spanish
    Favorite Color Purple
    Favorite Food Lasagna

    How do you code?

    My coding style is, in my view, clean and straight to the point. As the old saying goes: "One must treat others how he wishes to be treated" attending to this I use semantic function names and human-readable code. I've been put in the "clean-up" position countless times so I've learnt not to write sloppy and un-understandable code. One of my favourite things to do is to program before nature (for example at the beach) as it clears my mind and allows me to focus better.

    Technology Years of Experience
    Python (Discord.py, Flask) 5 years
    Electron JS 2 years
    HTML & CSS 8 years

    Why did you decide to start designing?

    During my web development sessions, I'd find myself misusing alarming amounts of time seeking the perfect vector or icon to fit that 10x10px space, I then realized, why should I look for something when I can create it myself. I grabbed a copy of Affinity Designer and got the creative juices flowing. After making my first few icons I progressed to logo design and created my brand and a few similar ones for friends. I still do quite a lot of iconography but I mostly focus on branding.

    Area Years of Experience
    Iconograhpy 3 years
    Branding 2 years
    UI/UX 1.5 years

My Work

  • SyteSpace

    SyteSpace is a cost-effective hosting solution based in London, UK. I created the company 2 years ago with a friend. We later sold it to the current owners Adam & Callum. I stayed on as the head of software development

    Adam H. Portifolio

    Portifolio for the german graphic designer Adam H. Built using a customized version of UIkit. Design made by the client.

    Julius' Webpage

    Simple yet stunning webpage for freelance designer Julius. Sports a dark color theme and a subtle background pattern. Was designed from the ground-up with client feedback.


    Find the perfect Minecraft server .jar for your uses. I designed and built everything, from a Lunacy design to the scraper that gets the versions and our stunning frontend.


    Forget MC-market, MCtrading has it all, speedy website, dark theme, friendly staff and community. Find freelancers, trade accounts and much more. I did a customized Xenforo theme for the website

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    Mauro developed a superb personal website for me. He got it done in a timely manner and his support was great. It was a pleasure working with him!


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    Mauro did a great job developing my web design. Not only did he code it but also helped me to adjust it for the sake of user experience.

    Adam H.

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    Mauro did a YouTube banner for me, it was done less than a hour after payment, would deal with in the future


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    Mauro is one of the best Developers I know. We've worked on countless projects together, and I'd more than recommend him to anyone who needs development or design work.


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    I've worked closely with Mauro for quite a few years now, and mark my words, we ain't parting any time soon. Easily the most talented developer and designer around and can turn any dream of yours into reality - no, it's not a marketing pitch. Hesitating to work with Mauro is the worst mistake you'll ever make.